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  1. Things I haven't seen talked about

    Damn I got so much to ask and tell you guys...if anyone will listen Gonna be a bit mean, but I have to say 261815112 Haha, you probably wont get that otherwise people would be talking about Verrukt again. Good times :) Anyways, I'm gonna introduce myself with that code and a pic I saw on Reddit ages ago. There's another one of these, I'll give it to you guys if I get some attention. This is just my introduction I have some other stuff that might interest you guys like: 1. The clue to the first EE step in Rev 2. The clue to the arnie step in Rev 3. The other point to Simon Says in Rev There's more check my Reddit, but even that doesn't have everything anymore ;) I've wanted to ask and say stuff to people since the Origins cut-scene, but haven't found a friendly outlet yet. I hope I find it here with you guys. If you don't wanna write my weird name out "Tony" is fine :) Happy hunting and theory crafting :)