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  1. Zombird

    Favorite Zombies Map

    Definitely Der Eisendrache. However, Mob of the Dead and Origins are coming close.
  2. Zombird

    Origins Highest Round

    Round 40+/- in Solo, no staffs.
  3. Zombird

    Revelations - Fanmade Music Video!

    Hi Rissole! Yes, I recorded the whole video on PC, Most of it in Theater mode, some impossible parts in noclip. Too bad, i had to crop out those points too, so the resolution is a bit worse.
  4. Zombird

    Which high round solo strategies do you use?

    I"ll join you! These are my strategies :D WORLD AT WAR Nacht: Training in the spawn room with the HELP door closed. Verruckt: Training around the whole map. Der Riese: Catwalk, or else training at the power section of the map. BLACK OPS Kino: Training at the stage with the Thundergun and Skullcrusher, buying ammo for the Skullcrusher. FIVE: Training at the war room section. Ascension: Training at lander station A. Call of the Dead: Training in front of the lighthouse near the AK74U Shang: Training in the small room when exiting the waterslide. Moon: Running around the aerodome, each time buying ammo for the AK74U BLACK OPS 2 Die Rise: Buddha room with Sliquifier Mob of the Dead: Training at the Golden Gate Bridge and Cafeteria. Buried: PARALYZER! Origins: Training inside The Crazy Place before picking up any staff. BLACK OPS 3 Shadows of Evil: Training at the Metro Station using Apothicon Servant and Vesper PaPed with Dead Wire. The Giant: Catwalk camping, after round 40 training around the whole map. Der Eisendrache: Storm bow camping in top of the clock tower. Zetsubou: Camping in the boss fight room, Masamune and Dingo PaPed with Turned Revelations : Just like everyone, camping near the spawn section with the Thundergun and Apothicon Servant. If ammo runs out, training in the spawn room section between corruption engine and truck.
  5. Hey whatsup guys! So, the last couple of days i worked on a music video for the Revelations easter egg song "The Gift" Watch it if you like! You won't be disappointed ;) Edited in Adobe Premiere

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