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  1. thanks for the video tutorials... but I don't think I am capable to do map editing... I don't have any experience with 3D modeling, and I don't I could make the map that comes from my idea. I am not asking anyone to do the map for me, but I feel like this idea could be a project that more then one person could work on, where there is different roles. I think my role would be the writing and storytelling, I had thought of the ideas of the backstory behind this map and the reason the four new survivors are fighting hordes of zombies. maybe this could be something that could be a good map, if you want to hear my idea out then message me and I can tell you (please note that it's a crossover idea) I need to plan more of this till I make a dissension on what I could do with this. until then, please give me advice of this idea of the custom zombie map idea.
  2. hello people of the forum, my name is known as the Yarheeguy. I am new here and I thought of a good idea for a zombies map, that has a new story while non-canonically connects to the Zombies trilogy I would not say anything else on this idea, but let's just say it's a crossover map, but not one of those maps where it's just a room and pictures of the thing... no I am talking about doing it with an actual map, with the characters and with a fanfiction like story and Easter egg steps. what's stopping me? well everything. I am below the beginning part of developing the idea, all I did is jotted down the story and quote ideas, plus there's things I can't do: I have no experience of making maps or even models I never play CoD on PC, only Xbox (plus I suck at the game) I don't even know where to start so I was hoping that if any of you guys could help me with this idea, if you could possibly help me out by giving me suggestion on how I can make my map idea a reality, it might help me... I don't know... at least it's a try to call out the community for help...