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  1. Dlc isn't showing up? Please help

  2. New Gobblegum Ideas?

    Hey if you have any ideas for gobble gum leave it in the comments here are some ideas from me out of this flavour: let's you respin the gobble gum machine two times for free sitting time: you are invisible when crouching, lasts 3 minutes who needs guns?: kills all zombies around you, knives do double damage, lasts 2 minutes whats up is down: gives you double jump and wall run for a round packing time: when you pack a punch or build something, all zombies freeze, 3x activations heads are overrated: head shots are one shot kills and all body shots are head shots what you want: gives infinite ammo for 60 seconds and rapid fire cheat codes: activate for invincibility, can go through zombies, but can't shoot, lasts 15 seconds, 2x activations charged up: electrocutes all ground floor on the map, instakills normal zombies, parasites and meatballs, as well as hellhounds. these are some ideas, leave yours below.
  3. Dlc isn't showing up? Please help

    Thanks, can't wait to get it at last I'm hungering for zombie's heads
  4. Dlc isn't showing up? Please help

    I am on Xbox and I got the update. When I go into the game you can see revelations on the maps with the green download arrow but when I go to store it isn't there. I have tried everything including restarting the game and the Xbox, it isn't even in the Xbox store, someone help please!!!