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  1. Der eisendrache EE need 2 people/Xbox one

    request me Boston80sbaby ill do it anytime and I got another that will help.
  2. Did they have the Black Ops 3 story line ready in Black ops 1?

    I loved the whole idea and feeling of "Five". Iwish zombies had continued to go that route. Real world people and places being incorporated. I also wish the story continued somewhat relative to where it was going after Moon. Im not complaining, just wishing. lol
  3. Hi Community!

    Hi guys! I havent been on here in quite some time and forgot my password, I am just getting into BO3 Zombies. I have done every other EE in every other game. I had my son and havent been able to play, but I am back and looking for some people to play with. I bought a xbox one and am just getting used to the maps. I used to play with LordGRRR, DeathBringer, Jaysta, and others. If anyone is looking to play with a seasoned zombie player (but new to BO3) let me know! I am happy to be apart of the community and I have kept up with what has been going on with the story. (Lightly so I didnt completely ruin the new feeling of Bo#) anyway, glad to be back! Adam Gamertag : Boston80sbaby xbox1