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  1. Shadows of evil easter egg

    I got three people (myself included) who are going to do the Easter egg in about 1 or 1 and a half hours. We need a fourth. Add me on PSN: pewpewmans
  2. Shadows of Evil Easter Egg ?!?

    Oh, my PSN is pewpewmans
  3. Shadows of Evil Easter Egg ?!?

    Just added you. Are you on now?
  4. Shadows of Evil

    I'll be on in about 45 minutes if you guys are available to do it then. Send me a friend request if I haven't added you yet. PSN is pewpewmans
  5. Shadows of Evil

    My PSN is pewpewmans on PS4. I've been dying to do the easter egg, but I won't be on until about 9:30pm tonight EST. Would that work for you?