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  1. ADFGX cipher

    Hi Everyone, first time poster. I used to play on PS3, now don't have time anymore - sorry. I recently became interested in this when I was procrastinating from my exam study. I procrastinated so much that I built a tool in excel to test different codewords and alphabet configurations. I've attached the excel file so all of you can use it. I have been screening results for words such as "and" or "the". I have colour coded many squares (mostly in the "force misc" and "force misc 2" sheets) to represent the frequency of each letter appearing. I have shown all 48 keyword configurations for every alphabet matrix in the appropriate sheet. I have found no solutions. What I can tell everyone is this: 1. The alphabet matrix is NOT a forward sequence of the alphabet (start with any letter in square AA, run across in consecutive order) 2. The alphabet matrix is NOT a reverse sequence of the alphabet (start with any letter in square AA, run across in reverse alphabetical order) I have tried all of those combinations. You can enter your own matrix and watch the solutions fall out. Alternatively, use the "list" at the bottom of sheet "force misc 2" to autogenerate sequential letter or reverse letter (65 = A, 90 = Z, J is automatically skipped). I did some original thinking in "sheet 1" but it's obsolete now. If someone can be bothered, the colourcoding of the input squares (and the few tables below) show the expected number of times each letter should appear. You can run combinations of the 3 most common letters (e, t, a) in the centre boxes (FF, GF, FG, expected value of 5 letters each) and then combinations of the group of the 5 or so squares which are likely to contain 2 letters each etc. although to do that you're already looking at 3!x5! = 720 combinations to manually input (or someone with some actual coding experience could take that on). That would almost certainly give us something to work with. Sorry I couldn't solve this... And now I need to go study for real life (i.e., exams). I hope someone can make use of this tool! I will check back periodically and see if anyone has taken me up on it MOTD cipher.rar