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  1. Gorod Krovi LFG

    Ya the only reason I dont have shadows of evil is bwcause i need 4 players and Im new to asking people to join up online. I can get to the shadow man but have no idea about the giant gateworm. And every time on gorod krovi I mess up on the mangle Sophia challenge !! Sweet well get a couple of good games going tomorrow. That'd three. I can have my roommate play with us or if you have someone else in mind that works too. Mayhem0531 talk to yous tomorrow.
  2. Gorod Krovi LFG

    Hey I'm Mayhem0531 psn I also can't do shadows of evil or gorod krovi. We should work together add me! I'll be trying to do gorod for now. But maybe since u did shadows you could help me with that. I'm under the impression the entire e.e. can't be done solo Hope to game soon