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  1. The End Cutscene Discussion [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS]

    I didn't play any of the Bo2 maps because i had no console at the time so forgive me if some parts are wrong. Monty says that he can start making things nice again, since shadow man and the apothicons are gone. But then he sends the crew to Primis. Why do that when he knows the cycle will continue? Unless his plan was to keep the cycle going, but warn the crew about maxis letting shadow man out, thus preventing the release of the apothicons and everything getting screwed up. Something still seems off about Monty though, it seems like he has another agenda. I've heard rumors about a super easter egg, which will only be doable when the map releases for xbox and pc. Maybe this will change what we know? Or create a different ending. Also. Has anyone confirmed whether the easter egg is different if you havent completed the other easter eggs in previous maps? With the little icons on the map selection they show in multiplayer games how many easter eggs have been completed between the players. I doubt treyarch would put that in for cosmetic reasons. I have a feeling this rumoured super easter egg can only be completed by 4 players, and all 4 players must have all previous easter eggs completed. This might change the ending, or give more details. Overall though, all that effort for just a 2 minute cutscene is pretty bad. I wasnt impressed with it. It makes sense, the story seems like its been closed off and all sorted out, but they could have made it abit longer, more detailed. Its kinda like travelling miles away because you heard that an ice cream shop has the biggest, best ice cream sundae, only to get there and find the big sundae is like a regular bowl just about filled with ice cream, with no flake or sprinkles. Its just disappointing.