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  1. No, everything Origins-Revalations never happened. You see, if Sam from Moon was Sam from Origins this would make sense. But no. You suck Blundell. Origins and it's complicated story.
  2. So, this map will be a copy of Camp O' Donnel. Look up pictures. Simple PaP, American POWs, and some zombies. Sounds good, right.
  3. I thought I would get torn up I made to round 15 BTW. Noob life.
  4. So, here is my storyline, still in the concept phase. So, our characters in Primis. Nikolai hears The Weasel. (MotD Weasel says Nikolai when using Ray Gun.) He tells them the truth, and they say no. Then you realize. WE F****** FAILED! Easter Egg. How do you like the concept. Fun, sucks or what.
  5. It has many new things, buildables, lava, freaking electric men, and fog, denizens, etc.
  6. Is TranZit, known to many as TranShit, as bad as it seems to be as my dad likes the idea, never played DLC for BO2. Comment, and hate me!

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