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  1. What's going everyone? I'm making this post to see if anyone needs help with any of the EE's for IW, whether you need a certain soul key or talisman. For ZiS, Rave, and Shuffle I would just send you a invite after the boss fight so you can grab it and get back to grinding. For AotRT well need to play co-op unless you need the talisman. BFB we'll have to do co-op. I'm still trying to unlock Willard, if anyone also needs him or wants to help me with that. I can on either system, except I don't have DC on ps4 yet need to knockout BFB. If anyone does need the help my Xbox GT:BiteOnTheBARREL. My PSN:DebtToDeath.
  2. So right now I am feeling like a complete noob. I am having the worst time trying to beat this damn cryptid boss fight on solo. I've been able to solo a lot of maps, but this one I can't get. I've watched multiple videos, read multiple threads, but nothing has helped. I've thought of trying to do it with more people, but I have to play with a Xbox controller on my ps4 and it disconnects/reconnects every 10-15 mins. I don't wanna be that guy when playing zombies. All I'm trying to do is just enjoy Directors Cut. If anyone has any tips or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. SoE an GK Easter Eggs PS4 Need 2

    Me and a buddy are looking for two people for Shadows of Evil. If you would like to help with Gorod or need it yourself, your welcome to join also. Gamertag:DebtToDeath
  4. Help with de easter egg

    Ktown if your on ps4 i can help.
  5. Shadows of Evil & Gorod Krovi

    Hey whats going on everyone? I just joined, and I'm looking for people who are wanting to get the shadows of evil easter egg done. I need to get gorod krovi done also, if you don't mind helping. I can help with Der Eisendrache, and No Shima. I really want to start having the whisp in revelations. I am on ps4. My psn name is DebtToDeath. I'd like to meet some new people, and hopefully get a group going too. I hope to hear back from some of you! Good luck out there to the rest of you zombie slayers.