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  1. Music Easter Egg - Dead Ended

    Guide on how to activate the musical easter egg - Dead Ended by Clark S Nova Dead Ended is the musical easter egg in Gorod Krovi , and is personally my favourite musical easter egg out of the maps in Black Ops III . Here's how to activate it : 1st location is in the department store on the couch as you enter . Hold X/□/F on the vodka bottle 2nd location is outside the operations bunker directly opposite the tesla trap . The vodka bottle will be infront of a large pile of rubble , Hold X/□/F on the vodka bottle 3rd location is in the supply depot . As you enter there will be shelves with crates on it . The final vodka bottle should be sitting next to one of the crates . Hold X/□/F on the vodka bottle These steps can be done in any order .