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  1. It seems pretty clear from the new Revelations trailer that the Shadowman has managed to teleport the Children's House and countryside into a sort of condensed space timey-wimey that also includes areas from maps we've seen before in the past (Nacht, MotD, etc). The scraps collected around Shadows of Evil seem to foreshadow this occurrence in retrospect. The Apothicans in the most recent trailer seem to be tying these dimensions together using 115, as its purpose described by the note is "the tread holding it all together". The Apothicans are siphoning these solidified pieces of 115 from that one huge blob of it nearby: Does anyone have any theories on perhaps why the Apothicans are drawing all of these dimensions into one place besides for nostalgia for the good ol' dedicated zombie player? Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  2. yung pup

    To The Max-is

    I think the mention of Maxis not having a soul perhaps correlates to the fact that the Shadowman was able to conjure up some of his magic, contact Maxis, and perhaps even possess him through the barriers of the Summoning Key into letting his soul out. This only worked because Maxis was missing a soul to begin with. It makes sense when you think about it as the SoE crew seemed to all have sinful "weak" souls that could easily be manipulated by the Shadowman's Apothican Magic. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app

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