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  1. vecko916

    Your final thoughts on GobbleGums

    tbh i dont really use gobblegums (i have six holics just sittihg there from grinding them out) but i used perkaholic recently and felt so powerful that i could undstand people buying them, and it disgusted me how easy the game became. i feel things like perkaholic should have scrapped during the beta or at least nerfed (i dont know how, i'm no game dev). so i whole-heartedly agree with you, and i pray that treyarch fixes their shit in the 3 years before a new game.
  2. vecko916

    Jason Blundell Movie Poster

    If you go to the rift, on the wall opposite the passage to junction, one of the posters says Blundell on it. Just a little easter egg i saw and was wondering if anybody else noticed it
  3. vecko916

    Shadow of evil ee measge my psn

    if you are looking for a zombies group you would be better off posting in the lfg category. good luck with your game!

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