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  1. Likeliness of an All-zombies DLC.

    This is just an idea but, They are saying that we will be able to play DLC 4 zombies at COD XP. I highly doubt they will let anyone play and obviously leak info about their brand new, highly anticipated conclusion to their story. What if they let people play whatever maps they have remastered? if they did that is. If I saw Origins and Mob of the Dead I would be happy. But that is just my thoughts.
  2. Hey guys I'm a solo player on ps4 getting bored of playing solo. If you wanna play some black ops 3 zombies easter eggs on ps4 add me Vacator00. I still need to do Shadows of evil and Gorod Krovi before Revelations releases. and I don't mean to be rude but, I'm 22 and if you are 14 I will most likely not play with you.