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  1. Void bow??!!!

    SO as i was watching the trailer in slow motion i noticed a box with 5 markings on it. and the middle symbol looks like the void bow symbol when your breaking the wall to get the arrow piece. i cant get an image but you can see for yourself at 1:07 of the video (Video from Glitching Queens channel)
  2. GK Time Attack Weapon camos

    So i was recently playing GK and i had a Vesper out, i had a Ritual camo on with a paint job and i just finished the first time attack challenge. I had my Vesper out, i melee a zombie and the camo and paint job went on the Wrench for a split second! I haven't tried this with the other weapons and i really don't think that this was suppose to happen. I wanna know if this happens to you guys too!