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  1. How is PC/Xbox users enjoying the map?

    i like it, but not as much as i thought i would, considering the hype built around it, it lacked the expectations we had for it, considering how good they made it look in the trailer, still, we can all agree, its better than the last 2 we had, DE was really good, zetsubou... not as bad as tranzit, but, i'd play DE more on solo if i was given a forced choice
  2. worst deaths on GK

    im just gonna say mine, i was on 60,me and my friend were trying to figure out the EE, emphasis on trying, i had used my last perka, or a ton of on the houses between us, he left at 58, and used my perka,didnt realise the dragon was coming, and lost my last perka and had no QR, so, dead
  3. worst deaths on GK

    so, GK's been out for a while, what have been some of your worst deaths (we aren't including death barriers or any other glitches)
  4. Origins Highest Round

    203, 3 player, jk. 98, solo, original, was 4 man, everyone raged, had worst death, shower, step on controller so it unpauses, get cornered, DEAD!