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  1. Gorod Krovi LFG

    yeah, no doubt. SoE isnt that hard, but we need 4 players to complete it. but when i get back on, ill add you.
  2. Gorod Krovi LFG

    I know, i know, there is a section for this. I dont know if its just me or not thought, but i cant get to the LFG page and when i do, it says error. So i made this as a lil temporary thread until they can fix it. but... HYPE HYPE HYPE! Ive finally done the Shadows of Evil easter egg and now the last on my list is Gorod Krovi. I have a ps4, a mic, and some alright gobblegums. Im trying to knock this out so i can finally go for Revelations. so if you need this one done too or have done it and dont mind helping someone, add me.