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  1. Gobblegum gone

    Xbox one man haha, thanks anyway though
  2. Gobblegum gone

    Guess I'll have to try and see if I can get a hold of them lol, many thanks for your help
  3. Gobblegum gone

    I've had black ops 3 since the day it came out, purchasing the digital deluxe bundle which comes with the season pass which was fine but a few weeks ago I went into a zombies lobby and all of the gobblegums that came out in the dlc packs have been taken away from me saying that I need to download the map packs, the problem is that I can still play all of the dlc maps and everything else that comes with the season pass except the gobblegums, I've tried uninstalling the map packs and redownloading them but that didn't work, can anyone help?