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  1. Yet another significant KN44 reference

    Taking a "semi" deep look at this, what if the KN44 holds some significance in the grand scheme of things, I'll try to research a little bit more about the weapon and maybe edit this post. It might as well be some problem with the code associated with doing the Cut scene work, but I'll research anyways.
  2. Monty is trying to break the group up?

    He is trying to separate them and make them think that Maxis is just using them for something else. There is a quote for Richtofen where he asks if he owns Maxis something, he is trying to say to ditch Maxis and go with his (Monty) Plan.
  3. Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, my name is Winter, 21 yr, from Portugal. I have played COD since cod4 released here, but lately i have only enjoyed the black ops ones. I used to play it very competitively ( MW2 / BO1 GB's). But i then stopped. Now I mostly play on pc ( have a ps4 but don't like to play to use my own internet), and i really enjoy everything zombie related. I have known this forum since the release of Moon on BO1, i remember coming here to see if anyone knew where to get the excavator to work. But i since rejoined because i heard of you again in the CodZ subreddit and then decided to join in and try to do stuff with you guys. Thanks and hope you enjoy my stay : )