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  1. PhDivinium

    What parts of each map are in Revelations?

    Also involving five, in Kino in the projector room there is a desk and with posters above it and I think they're from FIVE... one of a zombie and a hellhound - could be wrong however they are definitely familiar.
  2. From playing Revelations I'm really starting to love how they've included things from a lot of previous maps, and I'm wondering what is in Revelations from each map. So far i have recognised: Nacht - The map itself Call Of The Dead: ? Shadows: Margwas etc Verruckt: Part of the map Shangri La: Part of the map Der Eisen: Undercroft&ragnarok Shi No Numa: The flogger in Origins Moon: ? ZNN: Round music in shang Der Reise: ? Tranzit: ? GK: Dragon Shield Kino: Part of the map Die Rise: ? Five: ? Mob&origins: Part of the map Ascension: ? Buried: Round music in Kino Is there stuff from these other maps that I'm missing?
  3. PhDivinium

    Nacht Der Untoten remake?

    Just now in the trailer - looks pretty similar don't you think? I've been wondering for a while now if Nacht is infact the house, with Blundell saying every map is significant and also something in Gorod Krovi involving something to do with a plane crashing? (idk i'm not too involved with radios/the story). Could this be a remake or could it be the house? If so it'll be the only zombie map to appear in every game!
  4. PhDivinium

    What does this symbol mean?

    Im unable to get a photo, but on map selection (Im on PS4), to the right of the name of the map once the cursor is over it, appears a hexagonal symbol, and for all maps featuring the O4 this symbol looks to be a gateworm (?) enclosed inside the green-bordered hexagon yet for SOE the picture inside the hexagon is different, but it is blacked out so i cannot see what it should be (this is also the case for all the DLC maps bar the giant, the giant is the only map in which this symbol is illuminated yet from the silhouettes of the others on the O4 maps I can see they're the same as the one on the giant) If anyone could tell me what this means it would be much appreciated, thankyou!

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