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  1. " i'm a huge fan of the zombies series, and if i have to buy the game again or the entire mappacks seasonpass i will. Even if i do gameshare and split the costs on games with my best friend. Believe me i will but for F*ck sakes treyarch let me know...and don't let me waste a lot of time to figure out why i got F*cked
  2. I have the same issue, since like a week after a major update, i've lost all my dlc gobblegums. And come on treyarch! Seriously i'm a fan for years now... why would you take away what i've already had in my possesion? Not cool...do i have to buy everything again? to get acces to gobblegums i already owned a lot of just because i use gameshare and 50/50 all my games on XboxOne. If thats the case i will file a negative comment against treyarch and they lose therselfes due to commerce and monneymaking.