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  1. hi evryone this is my explanation to my explanation of the step of the easter egg of dlc 3 "Gorot Krovi". so to find out the conexion bettwen the vavles is to fecous on one and change the other ones; one by one and chek the one that u fecous evry time u switch a valve on one and then if the one that ur fecousing changes. it means that the one that u changed the last is the one controlling the one that u changed. i hope that makes sense. example : lets say the one in spawn is blue and the one that controlling it is the one in power (but u dont know that) so what u have to do is try to turn one of the valves of one of the 4 others and check the spawn one bettwen evry switch so when u switch the one on spawn the one in spawn turn off so u find out that the one controlling the spawn valve is the power one then u fecous on the power one and do the same thing untill u find all the connexions then u just have to tun on evry valve with the one that controll it wich connect them all and allaw u to open the capsule. i hope that makes sense and gl with easter egg.