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  1. First thank you to AV for commenting .Coming back to this after playing the map for a bit. I actually believe there may be some validity to it. Not the fact that they are related but the fact they knew each other. We have now heard that Monty new the shadow man before he got corrupted per-say and that TSM was monty's best friend.Going to what AV was saying about them not being similar at all. Maybe that could link into something i have heard people talking about that monty and TSM were the same person but were split. Maybe Monty is the good half and shadow is the bad. This would explain why they look opposite to each other. (TSM smartly dressed whilst Monty is in rags)
  2. Ok so. As i'm sure many of you know, the teleporter in Kino has no use that we know of. But i do have a theory and would like to hear many of your guys theory's too. My primary theory is that the teleporter is how we get to the boss fight as in past maps we have had to use different means of transport to get to the boss. (Teleporter in DE. elevator in Zets. the sewer in GK.) So do any of you guys think that the teleporter will be used in any other way if at all.
  3. kooldude65

    Possible easter egg step

    So after playing some revelations today i spotted something. If you look around the map there are big blue 115 crystals floating in the air. At first i thought nothing of them. But after playing today and whilst upgrading the apothicon servant, my shot swayed off and hit one of the blue rocks and instead. At first i though it would clip through but it actually collided with the rock and had the same effect as if hitting the rocks you needed to upgrade the thing. After upgrading i tried to hit them again, it hit but did not consume the rock. i later tried with the xm-53, hoping it may shatter the rock. Alas it did not. So i was wondering. These rocks have to be part of a step if they are colidable right? (https://twitter.com/thekooldude65/with_replies there is a pic of the rock here on my twitter)
  4. kooldude65

    Small Easter egg in Verukt

    I dont know if anyone else has spotted this but in the Verukt part of the map you can see the fountain that would be at the center of the map. if you look above it, it looks like there is a usable mg42 there. This i believe is a small nod to the fact that on verukt, if you no-clip under the fountain there is a usable mg42 placement
  5. So after seeing the Monty memories segment i had a little idea. What if Monty and the shadow man are practically the same person. My thesis on this is sort of related by the fact they look and sound the same But also linked in to the fact that there is a dark and light ether. I thought that maybe the reason they look the same is because they are the leaders/protectors of their related ether. (Monty for light and shadow man for dark). Maybe they were brothers and one got corrupted and turned into the shadow man. Just a small thought. Anyone else have any ideas like this?

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