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  1. The buff and non-buff (last gen)

    So i was playing last gen bo3 on giant and i realized, "the krm and dead wire were never buffed. And blast furnace was never nerfed. Tell me if you guys agree
  2. Bowie Knife

    The "Bowie knife" is one of the most well known weapons. In bo3, if you look at the zombie kits, the bowie is able to have a camo BUT it also has a lvl bar. I reached lvl 2 after getting nearly 8000 kills with it. From there, every 100 kills it leveled up. Its now at max (13). Has anyone else done this?
  3. New gobbelgum

    Thx my dude
  4. New gobbelgum

    If you look in the trailer, nikolai eats what looks like coagulant. But when he turns around with the haymaker 12 it sounds like the m8a7 and is a 3 round burst. What do you guys think?