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  1. Hey guys, I'm a WaW custom zombie mapper, and with the release of mapping tools for BO3 coming soon, I'd like to ask you guys what some good multiplayer maps would be to convert to a zombie map. I have a few ideas of my own, so please leave suggestions down below of what you'd like to see. MW2 Rust - Liquid Divinium mining site Black Ops I Firing Range - ideas to come Black Ops II Hijacked - add in wreckage underneath, use tube (similiar to AW's Descent), to scavenge for PaP Black Ops II Standoff - more areas, such as surrounding fields Black Ops III Nuketown (done right) - opening up more areas (i.e. the street), less expensive doors, less debris everywhere Black Ops III Redwood - add in more fog, Slender-man type feel, underground area underneath the bunker, more "tree islands" Black Ops III Splash - water is replaced with blood, more gory things to come... Feel free to leave your suggestions down below! I plan to make 10 maps within a year with a few other of my buds, maybe one or two extra.