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    So overall, did you like Zetsubou No Shima?

    I agree with DeathBringerZen because it just gets too tedious to setup up and then as soon as you do, get trapped somehow and just get butt slapped by a thrasher and just sit there in astonishment at why you even put up with life. I was just recently playing verruckt (as in about 20 minutes ago) but had to shut it off because there was a bad storm and I didn't want it to fry my ps3. Now don't get me wrong I love this map, it's probably IMO to be #2 behind the giant because SoE wasn't that great, even though it was fun when it came out, der iesendrache just got boring because of trying to make the bows to be returned with a panzer just to poop on you and it also took a while to setup. Zns is fun it just sucks running around to complete a step to get something to maybe survive the next few rounds and then after everyone goes down you don't want to play any longer because you don't want to sit there, taking at least 30-40 minutes running to get green water then having to go to the opposite side to water a plant, I just don't like doing that. I'll give Zns a nice 7.5-8 because I really like the map and gamplay, just not running around to grab something. The only way I can play this game is by going to my buddies house and play because I don't have a x1 yet but I am saving and waiting for the x1 s to come out so I can snatch up that deal. BTW is there any downside to the x1 s? Besides the kinect port. Any info and comments about my post are and will be much appreciated

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