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  1. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Round 24. This was two player so it was a little harder. Me: VeRo_Ringo Primary: Vitriolic Withering Secondary: Meat Grinder Lethal: Monkey Bomb Perks: Juggernog, Deadshot, Double Tap and, Speed. Friend: VeRo_COW Primary: Lamentation Secondary: Porter's X2 Ray Gun Lethal: Grenade Perks: Juggernog, Electric Cherry, Double Tap, Speed. We would've done better but it was late and we were tired. :/
  2. I've got around 2k, but other people might've gotten higher. I would like to know. :)
  3. The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    Challenge Name: No Man's Land Number of Players: 2-4 Required Map(s): Origins, Mob of the Dead Objective: Stay away from each player from round 10+. Before round 10, players can do whatever they want to do together. Time Limit: None Round Limit: None Randoms Only: No Disallowed Perk(s): None Disallowed Weapon(s): None It's basically a test to see how long you can survive by yourself with four players at max. Have fun :)