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  1. Theory of the DNA Puzzle

    From what JohnyJ25(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxpdYMkce2UU06MzhKEzXTw) explained in "DNA PUZZLE SOLVED | Richtofen Evil Blood Vial Plan? New Blood Vial Information! | Zombies Storyline". I was told that Dr.Monty or Richtofen made this DNA puzzle JohnyJ25 believes Richtofen made this note but is still unsure because there is no detail of him ever even going to group 9 so it would be even harder to get group 9 paper(but Richtofen has once been missing for 2 years). But I believe Dr.Monty did make this puzzle for Maxis because he believes Richtofen knew no information on the blood vials but we know Richtofen does know but I think Treyarch hinted at this in "Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 / Treyarch – Richtofen" because at the end Richtofen says "He believes I do not know... but I do the blood will protect me." PUZZLE DECODED: "... MAXIS, HAVE YOU FOUND THE SPACE-TIME COORDINATES FOR THE OTHER INDIVIDUALS I ASKED YOU FOR... ITS IMPERATIVE THAT WE FIND THEM AS WELL... YOU MUST TRUST ME ON THIS... FOR MY PLAN TO WORK, WE NEED THEIR BLOOD"