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  1. Hi zombies slayers!!

    Hi guys! I'm new here but I'm a big CodZombie fun since Black ops. I've start playing on KINO ( thundergun!!! ) and that map is still my favorite but i think that MOON is the real masterpiece...such un awesome map!! In Bo2 i love MOB ( that tomahawk Boys!! ) and on Bo3 my favorite till now is ZNS ( ..even if there's no katana yes... ). At the beginning i was playing always to achieve the highest round as possible but after i became much more interest to anything it was story related. I love looking for EE and try to uncover new storyline detail so i hope we're gonna have great discussion about it. For now i think is all, i wish you a good day and a good slaughter! Peace! P.S. i wanna ask sorry since now for my english errors.. :) but i'll try to do my best!