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  1. Can you do Gorod Krovi EE with three other people at 11:15 Central Time?


  2. "The Undead Zappper" Gobblegum in Scorestreaks

    Oh lol it did seem quite easy to find and shocked me that I didnt hear of it before because it's just that simple Thanks for the knowledge though.
  3. So earlier today I was in the zombies gamemode and randomly checked my multiplayer stats which to lead to checking my permanent unlocks and then all of a sudden I stumbled across the scorestreaks being named after Gobblegum but the with one name that stands out as it's not a current gobblegum which was "The Undead Zapper". So to my belief I could see it becoming a future dlc gobblegum or just a random name. What do you guys think about it? Steps to see for yourself: 1. In the main menu click zombies 2. Then press options(or whatever your pause button is) 3. Change tabs to Barracks 4. Select your Multiplayer Stats 5. Select Prestige Mode 6. Select Permanent Unlocks 7. Lastly Select Scorestreaks