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  1. All Ciphers

    I created this account in the hopes I could contribute to this amazing effort you guys are putting in. I am a long time zombies fanatic, and even though I have no knowledge of cracking cyphers, I did find something interesting that is not yet discussed in this thread. I have only found one other post about the same object / text. That post is by @Shootinfish. I am linking a picture of the machine uploaded by him. Some of the text is of noticeably high resolution and seems to be encrypted. The text in particular reads: Lautenrk u. vvenderknr maison glaicha farbgunya-Nr. hubrn Then there is another plaque reading " Ratrprtiflmepa" Besides that, the numbers around the button on the top right go from 0 to 120 in inclines of 13 each time (0 13 26 39 .. etc) but jumps from 104 to 120 (a jump of 16) between the last 2 numbers. I initially thought this machine (found on the floor in front of the dragon head in the church) was a unique object, but there are several of the exact same machine to be found throughout the map. This seems to take away from its significance, as cyphers usually are unique. Nonetheless it might be worth looking into. Perhaps it will give a key that can be used for the two remaining cyphers? Obviously I am uncertain if any of this is of any significance, but I hope it helps in some way. To conclude I'd like to give my thanks to all of you who work tirelessly to solve these puzzles of all sorts. I love the zombie community <3 Imbathijs