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  1. Der Eisendrache all high round strategies! Updated 3/15/16

    I reached 52 in a little under two hours. The room where the urn is for the shadow bow, I left the door between that and the upper courtyard closed. I camped by the door, and alternated between shooting the storm bow and using the ragnarok. ~Round 40 I had to start running trains in that room around the storm bow tornados as I was starting to get hit. Sadly at 52 the storm bow stopped being useful :( I'd upload a video except I don't know how to take the video, I created my account to post this on here as I didn't see it as one of the strategies in the OP. Overall the strategy felt extremely similar to camping by the semtex on origins. I've only played solo or with my roommate and haven't really watched any videos/strats, so I was unaware that the wolf bow was any good (I have only used storm and shadow).