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  2. Zombies Livestreaming

    Hey guys I'm new to live streaming and would love to share my gameplay with others and gain more of a following.. Open to suggestions on ways to play etc but for now I'm just streaming high round runs on Der Eisendrache come and check me out and help me promote my channel if you get the chance I would appreciate it :) https://www.twitch.tv/jack_g789
  3. Der Eisendrache Live stream

    Hey guys I'm new to live streaming would love to gain more views/more of a following.. Playing a lot of high round fun games on Der Eisendrache and I am open to any suggestions of ways to play etc etc.. Come check my live stream out and help me promote my channel would be super appreciated :) https://www.twitch.tv/jack_g789
  4. Hey Guys I am new to live streaming zombies would love to kick start my account and start gaining a following and more views doing what I love doing which is killing zombies haha.. Come and check out my stream guys I am open to all suggestions but for now will be doing a high round fun run on Der Eisendrache come and have a watch and help me kick start my channel :) Respect https://www.twitch.tv/jack_g789