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  1. "TheGiant" Cipher

    Side Note 2. Anyone have any idea what the star pattern is in the sky? No one ever really looks up when hunting for easter eggs.
  2. "TheGiant" Cipher

    Wouldn't CMXXXV be applied instead of where THEGIANT would've been in a ciphering? I might have my terms mixed up, but then again now that i look at it, THEGIANT has 8 letters like DER RIESE and could be the key word. I dunno, I do puzzles and such for fun, usually don't have a problem solving them, but this one has me all over the place. So in typical nerd sense, I don't mind doing the grunt work to figure this one out. :D and on a side note, call me nuts, but i think the 4th dlc will have the kn-44 be a new DG weapon. Look at the photo, 4 solar systems, 4 edges on a square, a kn-44 and i think it has to do with pac-a-punch being the wormhole. Cause where do the guns go after you upgrade them and don't get them? I've been throwing Kn-44's in pac a punch all day, but nothing happened. I have a few other ideas, but I'd need more people. P.S. that was a side note!
  3. "TheGiant" Cipher

    Back to using the word "TheGiant" as the key, what if it was actually Roman Numerals for "935", like such that appeared on the pack-a-punched guns and what not? CMXXXV