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  1. My Top 10 Favorite Zombies Maps

    Oh and I forgot about Shadows Of Evil That'd be my 11th I think that map is alright
  2. My Top 10 Favorite Zombies Maps

    Tranzit?! Oh god
  3. What I Want To See From The Next 3 Map Packs

  4. 1. Der Riese/The Giant (Preferably Der Riese) 2. Ascension 3. Der Eisendrachen 4. Mob Of The Dead 5. Kino Der Toten 6. Nacht Der Untoten 7. Call Of The Dead 8. Moon 9. Shi No Numa 10. Verruckt I haven't played Origins, Buried, or Die Rise.
  5. 1. A Zombies map that takes place in a high school 2. A Zombies map that takes place on an island with an active volcano 3. A remake of Ascension 4. A remake of Kino Der Toten 5. A remake of Mob Of The Dead or Origins (I haven't played Origins)
  6. Things That Annoy Me About This Map

    1. The perk locations are completely random 2. They took out the World at War wall weapons Just because of those 2, I still prefer the original World at War version. But I still like The Giant, it's a good remake.