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  1. All Ciphers

    I thought of trying to search a group of leters in a cipher, and see if they came up in a web search that was not related to Black Ops 3 zombies. FEEKUBY from the clock tower cipher came up on this page. http://easyciphers.com/bukeyef It is in the info on Permutation ciphers. If the smarter people on here can read and make sense of this cipher, there a chance it may help us crack the clock tower cipher.
  2. The giant

    Maybe The Giant was only for pre orders. When there was an update and nightmares was unlocked right from the start, I thought they had made TG available to all, but I was not able to get it on one of my other accounts.
  3. All Ciphers

    @certainpersonio I was watching an episode on NCIS today and they mentioned something like a cryptographer, then either in that episode or the following one I noticed on a computer the grid that runs A to Z along the top, and A to Z down the side. What I noticed in the 2 seconds or so that it was on the screen was that the approach to decoding this was to take the first code letter and find it on the top row, then they went down this column to the second code letter, and the result they were trying to get would have been the letter in the left hand first column.
  4. All Ciphers

    We found something that works on a cipher in the giant very quicly, like 2 searches on google and we got a potential start to a solution, which remains our method to solving this. Some problems using this one site, meant it took my guy 3 weeks, but actual message deciphering would be 5 to 10 minutes. Everytime a new cipher was solved, we thought it would be this one, but as of yet, no one even discusses the particular message anymore. He tried giving his findings to various people including someone who writes on here. Due to everyones ignorance, he is reluctant, at this time to share.
  5. Secret Codes in Shadows Of Evil & The Giant

    Tac, with regards to the clock in the giant. The is at least 1 mark on the number 3, a white dot on the outer edge. I think 6, 9, and 12 are blank. The dots go through some numbers, so the code is hard to read completely. A guy very quickly got a possible solution or alternate solution for the code near trip mines, but no one has replied to him, asking what he has. It seems that somebody told him to keep the answer to himself, rather than ask what he has found. He has got practically no respect where he tries to share all the info, which he has gather over the years, and most of what he has still does not appear in videos or messages. If the zombies community welcomed and listened to all players, it may possibly have uncovered many more secrets.
  6. The Giant: Zombies Library

    People have noticed a set of ciphers that could be the same. 1 per map. Black Ops had the do all main Easter eggs to fully do the moon's. Black Ops 2 had nav cards. What if Black Ops 3 has 1 cipher that spans all maps?
  7. All Ciphers

    For the clock tower cipher. The VUVYSOV has a pattern that could be AGARTHA in its normal form, and EXTREME if reversed. The few clues this one solve gives us, leaves it hard to get any of the short words. Perhaps there is some shift in the code for each word or new line. Thoughts, anyone?