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  1. 3rd person mode?

    Ha, that's all well and good, but if people don't know how to activate the feature, then it's pretty useless. And as mentioned before, there's no advantage to playing in 3rd person, and it's not all that cool after a while, so it's a tiresome endeavor to uncover. And he could maybe just be joking, or even covering his a**, as usually he's pretty clueless about his own game.
  2. 3rd person mode?

    Hi, I've experienced this a few times myself many months ago. I think it is just a bug that occurs, and getting to the bottom of it is not too important because there is no clear advantage to being in the third-person view. When the creator of the game said it was a "feature," I would be willing to bet that he didn't really pay attention to the picture, and just assumed it was a picture of a 1st person view. A feature wouldn't wouldn't be so convoluted to attain. So either a.) It's a bug that is unintentional, which is the most likely scenario, or b.) It's supposed to be a feature, but the way to activate it (for instance, pressing a button) doesn't function properly.
  3. Room of Judgement guide

    Primary factor is direct damage to the stone guardian.
  4. Room of Judgement guide

    Hello, I just wanted to mention that you failed to mention some important aspects of certain upgrades. For instance, the Fortitude upgrade provides a magnet at the start of rounds and, more importantly, it makes almost all drops last significantly longer than if you were to pick them up with any fate, even Fortune. In addition to this, the room of judgement upgrade does not always go to the person with the highest score on co-op. The factor(s) in determining the upgrade just happen to coincide sometimes with the highest score.