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  1. Main Easter Egg Final Step??

    So I Think I Have Figured Out The Last Step... It's Just How To Get There... 3 Of The O4 Are Stine Statues With 1 Missing, Dempsey. Dempsey Is Actual A Skeleton Who We Have To Revive. As You Go Down To The Undercroft, Where You Pick Up The Wrath Of The Ancients There Is A Tomb With The Vril-Ya Device That We Left On The Moon To Open The MPD... We Need To Find This Device Somewhere On Der Eisendrache To "Unlock The Frozen One". I Can't Personally Try To Do No Steps As I Have Few People Online That Has The Maps.. But Has Anyone Tried To Shoot All 4 Bows At The Same Time At The Pyramid In The Undercroft To Unlock It... Or Put All The Upgraded Bows Back Into The Chest At The Pyramid And Tried Filling Up The Zombie Souls Like On Moon. A Few Selections Of Ideas I Have, But I Think That The Vril Device Is The Key To All Of This.. It's Just Where To Find It.. In The Safe By The Teleporter Maybe... Let Me Know What You Guys Think And Add Me On PS4 To Try Some Of These Out... BLaZe_CoMm4nDo