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  1. All Ciphers

    hey guys does this look like it would be anything trey arch would hide?
  2. All Ciphers

    guy ive got an idea why inst the cypher with all the letters a sorted with number like a chart salved yet? it seems so simple, Ive brightened the photo and it seams that all you have to do is take the number 00 and u get 00=g 01=m 02=r 03=u 04=d 05=e if you get the number from 1-99 become another cypher im sure yall are already aware of that right? could anyone get me the completed end result of the 1-99 code
  3. All Ciphers

    Guys i have an idea what if one of the unsolved cyphers i the key to unlock the second? let me know the thought
  4. All Ciphers

    ive been working on this one and ive come up with this. its an 85 letter cypher its mostlikely on a 43grid if that makes scene or maybe a 25x25 x 5x5 grid ive try it multiple ways anyone hav any idea on grids that are 17x17?