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  1. Im trying to figure that out too. Ive been testing my own thoughts, as well as everything i read. I really think its being a bit over thought though. Through various translations of matching WW names to apothicon in parts, im fairly certain that the 4 names are the 4 steps to upgrade, each step consisting of 3 tasks, the first being building the weapon, and im not quite sure the order of the rest. Ill be typing up some theories, test results, and other findings real soon. People working together is whats gonna make this upgrade come to life
  2. This is my first post here, but i follow these threads daily. Ive got something id like to point out, and i have by no means cracked the WW upgrade yet. But ive been reading/writing COD script since cod 4, so i have a little knowledge here. IDGUN_quest remove_IDGUN_from_box does not mean in any way that you have to give the weapon back and try and get it from the box. It simply means when the apothicon servant is built, the IDGUN_quest gsc is loaded, and the gun is removed from the box, until the gun is given up by whoever has it. The gun is then able to be taken by anybody else from the box. Once taken by anybody, have a guess what gsc and string are loaded? Even when the WW is upgraded, that variable will return true until the gun is lost again, putiing it back in the box.