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    "HOW TO GET THE STORM ELEMENTAL BOW"Hey guys! Zombies Finest just uploaded a new video tutorial on how to get the Storm/Lightning/Electricity bow! If you guys would check it out, and give some feedback, that would be awesome and greatly appreciated! If it does help, or you enjoy it, please leave a like and subscribe! Thanks for your time! :)

    Hey guys! We are Zombies Finest and we are just starting our stream! Come chill! Very interactive. This stream I personally am going to be looking for easter eggs, along with trying to make it to a high round on DER EISENDRACHE. Come by and subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9D-YBPIxGs
  3. Fastest and Easiest way to gain XP 0

    How many of you are zombies fans? A few friends and I made a YouTube channel dedicated to zombie gameplay. We just uploaded a video explaining the fastest and easiest way to gain XP in Black Ops 3 Zombies. It would mean a lot to us if any of you watched the video, gave us some feedback, and maybe even subscribed. Fastest and Easiest way to Gain XP in Black Ops 3 - Our Channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRX-LdbJFGDORWkx_g2V2A
  4. Perkaholic Fail! ~New YouTube Channel~

    A few friends and I decided we wanted to share our love for gaming with the world. That is how 'Zombies Finest' was created. We are trying to get the channel out there, in order to grow the views, and hopefully grow our subscribers at the same time. If you wonderful people could check our channel out that would be awesome. We soon plan to have a set schedule for uploading, which will be something like this; 1 Stream per day (Mon-Friday 7:30pm), 2 Streams per day (Saturday and Sunday 12pm & 7:30pm), uploaded video every friday at 6pm. The content will include but not limited to; Creative zombie related challenges, Easter egg walk through, Der Eisendrache Gameplay, Compliations of funny stream moments These are a few of our recent videos: