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  1. Glitches

    Yeah I know.
  2. Glitches

    No see, why should I why don't you tell them if it means so much to you.
  3. Glitches

    Old Yeah har.
  4. Glitches

    What bugs me is he didn't get my point and made a fool of himself, while the glitches maybe gone now I still get high rounds but, there is now no round counter on line for comparison so; come on treyarch make it happen.
  5. Glitches

    Hey, what planet are you on buy a Xbox one keep will you. You don't understand you're living in the past, for your reference round 43 on the Xbox 360 when it was the past Der reise. It's not what you think the other gamer was tying to mock me and he showed his ignorance bad on you infes'.
  6. Glitches

    Oh, funny that seeings as it was out in November but seriously I need the wall glitche or something. You you're no good no help whatsoever useless.
  7. Glitches

    Not all of them yet but, it was getting silly with the players hogging the ledge upstairs however the wall should be allowed, it's good to rest on.
  8. The Giant Highest Round

    Round 65 me and misssqiush92 6 hours on the Xbox one huge scores and kill count.
  9. Glitches

    Wow the glitches on the giant were great but, what happened to them gone are the wall glitch and the edge next to the wire fence, why.