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  1. The Kino 1975 note has been changed!

    Yeah that's a tough one. It definitely looks like it says "We are unaware" in the original but I'm not 100% sure. Some possibilities: 1) Zilinski definitely didn't make things easy when it came to finding out where the story was heading so this was just one way he made it difficult for us 2) Blundell decided to clarify this note and help us out a bit 3) Blundell changed that sentence along with the green and red section since this could possibly be in a slightly different universe
  2. The Kino 1975 note has been changed!

    After zooming in on the circled differences you mentioned, I believe that only the Red and Green sections are the ones that have changed. The ink spot is in the way in the blue section, and for the yellow section, I can see how it looks like to be a W but it could be just how it looked in BO1 so it's still GKO.
  3. Not sure if this is important or not but if you go to the window next to the last wolf painting (Where the king is dead) you can hear a baby crying and a dog barking. It's seriously strange why those sounds are there. Anyone have an idea why they might be there?
  4. Has anyone figured out why there is a second direction in the train station at the canals? It's the only district that has that and it's really suspicious treyarch would add that in there. I mean if there isn't anything there then why that extra track? Why not make it like the "Footlight" and "Waterfront" train station where there is only one way to go?