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  1. The earth is shaking

    A lot of people said they saw an asteroid or a meteor. The reason it's probably there is because think about how zombies started, going back to shi no numa, you will find an asteroid and a completely destroyed forest, this asteroid is what caused the whole zombies outbreak. It contained element 115, Rictofen took this and tried experimenting with it, and failed, it was someone in the team who failed, he was tried to escape shi no numa but he still failed, he was scared of the zombies. So remember at the start of the map there is someone hanging from a parachute? Well look closely, the rope is not actually connected to the parachute. He hung himself, and where did his hand go, it's missing? Take a look in the power room. But I'm wondering why a part for the power in TranZit is a hand, does it link back to shi no numa?