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  1. Some questions about custom mode

    Whoops, I missed the part about dark ops. I guess I'll just hope my internet does not cut out again!
  2. Some questions about custom mode

    Ok thanks for the information. So it is possible to do it but it won't count towards the dark ops or anything if it is unranked or will stats not save only? Also how would it work with joining the game back, would i need to do the words again and upgrade them and do the flag or would it stay how it was when I left?
  3. Some questions about custom mode

    Hey I'm new to the Fourum but I had a question that I need answered as soon as possible. Can you beat the shadows of evil Easter egg in custom mode? Today we were trying the Easter egg and got to right before fighting the shadow an and I got lagged out. They were able to continue but not beat the egg and I was unable to join back (private game). Does anyone know if you can beat it in custom because I would like to get back in if I lose connection again, and how would that work with swords/upgrading them etc. (would I get my stuff back when I joined in or would I have to get the sword and upgrade it again?) anyone's help would be greatly appreciated!