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  1. hey new and looking for ps4 zombie buddies

    if you are willing i would love to play shadows of evil and the giant just for fun with a fellow non fake rage quitter, psn is on my user page so feel free to send me a friend request.
  2. Cant wait for the new Blops 3 zombies maps!

  3. What Maps To Buy 1st

    So iv'e recently bought all three of the black ops games and started really playing zombies. I played every default map ( Green run, Kino, Five, Shadows of evil) multiple times, and then bought Origins, Mob of the dead, Nuketown (zombies), Black Ops 1 rezzuraction map pack, and the Black ops 3 season pass which includes The Giant. I have done every thing (except the Tranzit easter egg) in Green run, Shadows of Evil, Kino, Nact, Verruct, Nuketown, and almost everything in Origins and Mob of the dead. Moon is not very fun (in my opinion) so i havnt spent much time on that. Are any of the other Black ops 1 and 2 dlc packs worth buying until the Black ops 3 dlc is relesed? please comment.