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  1. What are the "Bad Guns" of this game?

    I know most people hate the Gorgon, but it's really good for camping on the giant - can easily get you to the high 30s once upgraded, if you have a good back up weapon like the Drakon for when you get overrun. Don't treat it like an automatic - fire one shot at a time and aim for head shots only. Line it up so you can take out 2 or 3 heads with each shot. i like to use fireworks, and I reload every time it appears.
  2. I usually get pack a punch open by round 2 on solo, it's quite easy once you can open all 4 rituals with a single Beast mode. I'm currently trying to get it open on round 1 - I can almost open all 4 rituals with 3 beast modes but need to do some fine tuning! pack a punch in round 1 is pretty standard for 4 players.