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  1. Apothicon and Keeper Language Revealed *Updated

    I just took some nice high quality images of Pack a Punch in theater mode with extra lighting. imgur link You can see that there are actually way more symbols than we thought. For starters, the symbols go all the way around it in a complete circle, some are almost impossible to see. Secondly, there are two other inner rims with symbols as well as symbols on each of the tentacle shapes stretching outward.
  2. Apothicon and Keeper Language Revealed *Updated

    The bottom left 2 symbols on the mystery box are the same as the last two symbols on the right of the PaP. The symbols on PaP rim starting from the bottom left and going clockwise are: unknown1 + (unknown2 possibly the large symbol in the middle of the mystery box or possibly apothicon) + unknown3 + (unknown3 upside down) + ritual + perk + door + points + world + head + zombie + parasite + elemental + margwa + beast + pod + magic box + ID gun + robot + time + unknown4 The time and unknown4 symbols are the ones that also appear on the mystery box EDIT: The first summoning circle should be servant + ? + ? instead of consume. The third to last picture of the summoning circle has the same symbol as unknown2 The second to last picture is not only. It's Come from the extended apothicon. Also the next word after it is Blood. EDIT: also do the arch-ovum circles have any apothicon language or are they keeper language?
  3. Secret Codes in Shadows Of Evil & The Giant

    @Tac would you mind also updating on the current status of ciphers from The Giant? I'm curious if any of those haven't been solved yet / what their solutions are.