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  1. Hey everyone, I've been following this forum for a while now but never thought about creating an account. I was playing today and I was thinking of possible theories or triggers for the next step (if there is one) I was looking at the title and specifically the trap part of it. This was done before the Easter egg steps or any other steps (including the perk drop) I had turned on the power. I started running around and activating the traps once by one as fast as I could. Every time I would activate a trap, Maxis or whoever announces the power levels started speaking. I couldn't hear what he was saying for some reason because it felt faint. I waited till the end of the round and booked it to the nearest trap and he spoke again but this time random sounds started playing as if something was activated. He continued to speak throughout the game even when the traps were not activate. The theory I came up with was that if all the traps are activated at the same time, the power levels would be affected somehow? This means that at a certain point the traps activated at once would be eating a majority of the power. If you were to teleport while this process is happening then maybe you'll get stuck in a room or be teleported else where? I couldn't do the actual steps because I didn't have enough money or players to do it synced. I know this is just speculation but I'll be sure to try it again. Here is the video: http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/theStyL/video/13268343##t=0